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Pilgrims Supplies raises funds to support our free First Aid and pastoral care for pilgrims on the Caminos to Santiago de Compostela

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Confraternity of  Saint James

When preparing to travel

lay out all your clothes

and all your money 

Then take half the clothes

and twice the money

                               Susan Heller

Which guide? Which book?

Do  internet searches, read Camino travel books,

look at maps,

drool over equipment catalogues

plan before you go

Enjoy the whole preparation

But which guide to take with you?

Well .… the Michelin map/guide is brilliant, and Light

And a  Pilgrim’s Guide to the Camino de Santiago by John Brierley is really rather special, though possibly too heavy for the really minimalist pilgrims

In the end, like all aspects of pilgrimage, the choice will be yours and yours alone

(I read the Brierley at home but take the Michelin)

You can buy excellent pilgrim guides from the UK Confraternity

of St James, the CSJ - and usually some maps from us!

You can also buy both new and low-priced second-hand Santiago pilgrim book and pilgrim guides about the Pilgrimage, Santiago de Compostela, and all the Caminos from  the Camino Frances (now becoming known as the Camino de Santiago) to the Camino Primitivo from Amazon and also Ebay

If you haven't tried online before you will be impressed

well worth a visit

And as well as maps we sometimes have some books in our shop

"The Way" is a powerful and inspirational story about family, friends, and the challenges we face while navigating this ever-changing and complicated world. remains of his adult Camino de Santiago, also known as The Way of Saint James.

Tom decides to embark on the historical pilgrimage to honour his son's desire to finish the journey. What Tom doesn't plan on is the profound impact the journey will have on him & his "California Bubble Life".