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Below are some links to good packing lists

Lightness is all - believe me. 

It was too late to change it, but my rucksack weighed over 4 lbs empty!

So weigh everything!

Tips? My son - a great traveller - gave me a cape/poncho which I took instead of a coat.

Perfect! - no sweating, cool air, freedom of movement, truly waterproof, and really light.

Tiny travel towel, small containers to decant your shampoo, etc, into. Socks make good gloves, zip-leg trekking trousers (so trousers and shorts) - trust me - keep it light.

I rate - Swiss Army knife, indoor sandals, hat, toilet paper (+ mini-bags & trowel),

your own salt, pepper, olive oil - oh yes, and humour essential.

Pilgrim, Believe this -

within just a few hours of walking

your pack will feel really heavy

Take only what you need -

no, listen

carry only what you need

Another excellent blog site from an experienced veteran pilgrim 4/camino-packing-list.html

Another great blog with an effective packing list by Jessica, though she takes more than a man would

- toiletries and evening shoes, pyjamas, and so on - still an excellent list

A good blog - and she is very honest in mentioning which items she posted back home, which I rather like -questions/topic3519.html

In depth listing on a forum thread with responses - very helpful (and a great forum too)

A brave pilgrim -

look at how much he's carrying!

Leave the sofa behind

Cute possibility

If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking.  

Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.

 ~Raymond Inmon